Welcome to the Otero Veg website!  Here you will find information regarding the vegan way of life.  You help your health, prevent contributing to animal cruelty and help the environment by not supporting a meat based diet. For more info, email us @ cloudcroftvegan@gmail.com.  Here you will be able to browse around for serious information regarding health benefits, environmental consequences, animal cruelty, local meetings, and excellent recipes!! Visit The Vegetarian Society of El Paso @ www.vsep.org! Also check at WalMart in Alamogordo in frozen food section by healthy entrees and produce for vegan options!! Albertsons Market has a full vegan section by the produce and freezer sections! Remember, Otero Veg is a group for everyone interested, not just vegans/vegetarians. Otero Veg's First Annual Thanksliving Potluck is happening November 19th! CLICK HERE for details!
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Watch right now on Netflix "Cowspiracy", "Forks Over Knives" and "Vegucated." These documentaries look at how a meat based diet affects the environment, your health and the animals.  Earthlings and Glass Walls are something we all have to see. All the following organizations are doing their part to help: Mercy For Animals, Vegan Outreach, Compassion Over Killing, FARM, UPC, PETA, Free From Harm, Farm Sanctuary and The Humane Society of the United States.   
"Where do you get your protein?" is a question we always get asked.  Click on The Protein Myth to be correctly informed by a doctor!  Also read The Soy Myth. Protein is everywhere! Living in the mountains, some of us think we need to eat meat to be strong and "to be a man." Why are some of the strongest animals out there plant eaters? Click on Meat and Machismo. Vegans are are as strong as can be.  Just ask Mr. Universe!!

Don't forget Einstein was a vegetarian! Including vegans/vegetarians Carrie Underwood, Woody Harelson, Leo DiCaprio, Brad Pitt, Joaquin Phoenix...not to mention close to 8 million vegans in the US alone along with 16 million vegetarians!

Got kids? Visit PETAKIDS for great ideas!!
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