Asian Garden - Alamogordo (Many Vegan/Vegetarian options!)

Casa De Suenos - Tularosa (No lard in beans/rice. Vegan Enchiladas w/ Calabacitas Extra Spicy!)

White Sands Bistro - Alamogordo (Try the veggie bites, popcorn tofu and the veggie gyro! Some of these items are not on the menu, but just let them know you are vegan and they will show you close to 8 options!)

Simple Sugars - Ruidoso (100% Vegan bakery along with a few vegan sorbets)

Lotus Boba Tea - Alamogordo (Try their Fusion Teas with different Boba. Also their smoothies can be made Dairy Free and you can also add Boba to them. Coconut smoothie with Kiwi Boba poppers is our favorite.)

Rizo's Mexican Restaurant - Alamogordo (They do not use lard in their beans or chicken/beef stock in their rice. They have great veggie fajitas or a veggie burrito smothered in green sauce. Thanks Jennifer for letting us know of this place!)

Denny's - Alamogordo (Veggie Burger w/ no cheese and no butter on bun with seasoned fries.)

Papa John's - Alamogordo (Regular and Thin Crust are vegan, order w/o cheese and all the veggie toppings you desire! Mushroom, Green Chile, Tomato and Onion is a favorite! Plus get Garlic Butter dipping sauce! Also vegan!)

Little Cesar's - Alamogordo (Regular crust is vegan. Order same w/o cheese and all the veggies! A must are the breadsticks w/o parmesan w/ marinara! Delicious! Garlic Butter is vegan.)

Albertson's Market - Alamogordo (Has a nice vegan section by produce including vegan cream cheese, vegan sour cream, vegan deli slices, vegan bacon, vegan cheeses, vegan mayonaise, vegan dressings and tofu. Also if you once liked chorizo, try soyrizo! It's the same but without the left over animal parts. They also have frozen vegan pizzas and a variety of veggie burgers. Check ingredients because some veggie burgers have milk or eggs in them! They also have vegan yogurts and some ice cream treats that are vegan like our favorite the vegan ice cream sandwiches by SO Delicious! They also now carry the Gardein products like meatless meatballs, Teriyaki Chikn' Strips, Chickenless Sliders, Blackbean Chipotle Sliders.)

Walmart - Alamogordo (They have tons of items that are naturally vegan! Including all the delicious milks you can think of like Almond milk, which has 50% more calcium than cow's milk(cow's milk is meant for baby cows and not for human consumption), Rice milk, Coconut milk and Soy milk. Unsweet, Original or Vanilla. Some are also chocolate flavored! Go to freezer section by healthy entrees and find many vegan items by Gardien and Beyond Meat. Beefless and Chickenless strips for cooking your favorite dishes. A ground beef substitute you can use for lasagnas, chilis, tacos, green chili stew, enchiladas, etc!! Also an Orange Mandarin Chik'n, Meatless Meatballs, 7 Grain Chik'n Strips, BBQ pockets, Chickenless Sliders, Beefless Sliders. Morning Star has some BBQ riblets that are awesome! Other Morning Star products are not all vegan, check ingredients. Again, some have milk or eggs. Also in this section is a seitan bacon that goes great with veggie burgers! Boca Burgers, make sure you get the one that says vegan. In the ice cream section by the novelty ice cream sign, is an excellent selection of vegan ice creams with flavors like cookie dough, chocolate, vanilla bean, strawberry and pecan praline!  All vegan made wtih coconut milk or almond milk! Ben and Jerry's has 4 vegan flavors too! Did someone say hot dogs?! Check produce section where tofu is. Try the Light Life hot dogs! Get those with some Amy's chili beans from the chili section and you are set!  Also try Amy's soups in the soup section and frozen entrees in the freezers.  Also in produce section, they have added the Filed Roast brand with hot dogs, hand formed burger patties, Chao Cheese and Sausages. Also available are breakfast patties and Seitan. Be careful with some of the cheeses here as they say Lactose or Dairy Free, but still actually contain casein, which is still derived from cow's milk. Safest bet is if they say Vegan.)

Aiko's Oriental Foods - Alamogordo (Great place to stock up on many asian items including rice noodles, miso paste, seaweed, specialty sauces including vegan "Oyster" Sauce and vegan Stir-Fry Sauce. Dave has recently been bringing in "Beef" Slices, "Chicken" Drum Sticks, Korean "Pork" Strips and even "Fish" fillets due to the growing demand! All 100% vegan! He also caries a great Peanut Seitan and a Mock Duck that is awesome! Jackfruit is usually in stock. Get green jackfruit as meat substitutes. Also usually has some fresh produce that is a bit harder to find in the area.)

Nature's Pantry - Alamogordo (Nature products. Also a good variety of vegan items in grocery section. Kitchen also makes a few vegan items for lunch.)

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